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we will attend the 113th Canton Fair

Date:2013/3/19 16:02:26 Hit:7976

113th Carton Fair


We are going to attend 113th Canton Fair

 Booth  Dep. Booth No. 
Computer & Comunication products
lei Zhang  5.2F25 
Auto Accessories
Paul Wang  1.1L28 
Auto Accessories
Caroline Xiao  1.1L27
Tools  Celia  16.2H40 
Florence  15.4H22
Ping Ping Gao  15.4H21 
Men & Women Clothes  Paul Wang 3.1H23/3.1H24
Medicine xuejun Cui  10.2B45
Yuki Wang 16.3D05 
Food   Haibin Zhou  12.2J40
Stationary  Yuan Xu  2.2L01
Sports & Casual & Travels  Rolan Yang  4.2H44


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